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The sales process has long been segregated: Marketing handled the first leg, then passed the lead on to Sales for the remainder of the buyer’s journey.

This culture of “handing off” leads implied that Marketing had no accountability for the lead once it had crossed over into the Sales section of the funnel, which is both divisive and counterproductive. In practice, this disconnect can lead to stalled leads and lost deals. Instead, Marketing and sales must work jointly together from the very start.

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The content series includes:

Marketing Marries Sales: Part One: Discovering the Path to Relationship Bliss

As technology improves, both the marketing and sales departments have the opportunity to participate in multiple stages of the funnel. Traditional ways of thinking and operating need to evolve, and require the concerted effort of all teams to bring about successfully. As the two evolve from their traditionally-defined roles, their new relationship can become one of union, rather than estranged.

Marketing Marries Sales, Part Two: Marriage

The idea of marriage can be scary: it’s a plunge that both parties have to take with hands clasped tight and hearts open wide. Poetics aside, part two demonstrates how the marriage of marketing to sales is the logical next step towards their alignment.

It’s a pledge, a leap of faith, a statement of intent: that marketing and sales want to act as a more streamlined whole, that they want to divide their labor justly, that they are aware of the bigger picture and their joint goal of hitting the company’s target revenue.

Marketing Marries Sales, Part Three: Happily Ever After

Love stories tend to end when our heroes end up in each other’s arms at long last, after enduring all sorts of conflict and strife. They’ve overcome great odds and weathered adverse forces, and the result of all that toil is three magic words: “happily ever after.”

But the fact is, bliss doesn’t come easy. In a way, “happily ever after” is a myth, because the binding act itself—the climactic moment in the rain, or the wedding ceremony—does not guarantee serenity forever after. Rather, successful marriages are founded upon the effort of upkeep and clear communication. It’s this extra step—maintenance and monitoring—that is needed to ensure ultimate alignment between marketing and sales.

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The Marriage of Marketing & Sales

From “Handing Off” to “Holding Hands”
Three-Part Content Series

Marketing Marries Sales