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Sales Muda - The Seven Sales Time Wasters [Webinar Recording]

Original Air Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Is you sales process full of Muda? Simply put, Muda are tasks that are unnecessary and add no value. Are your sales reps wasting valuable time with inefficient tools and processes instead of engaging in sales activities that contribute to closing business? To increase sales productivity, this means removing all elements of waste from your processes and sales tasks that aren't productive.

Join CallidusCloud and Smart Selling Tools for this live August 28th webinar event featuring Kevin Nolan of Kimberly-Clark Professional, where you'll learn how to assess your sales capacity, uncover lean sales tools and principles to increase value-added processes, and discuss strategies on how to avoid wasting sales reps time by eliminating the 7 most common types of Sales Muda.


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